China Impressions shows three of the most impressive dynasties from the past. The elements in the scenes are familiar to the western audience: the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, The Buddhist influence and the Forbidden City, which one can visit in Beijing till now days.

In the second part we start with the new China in the 1920’s onwards to the latest ‘booming’ developments, design and Chinese underground music from this moment.

The content is carefully selected for the western audience. Besides the dancers there are Kung Fu specialists and (flying) acrobats involved in the show.

The latest stage effects and visuals will be used. The costumes are overwhelming.

The music is especially composed for the production and will be partly performed ‘live’ on stage on traditional instruments.

We will give the audience a new image of China by drowning them under in the different atmospheres.

In the 1st part you will see China’s Qin, Tang and Qing Dynasty in three scenes. 

In Qin dynasty the warriors of the Terracotta army will come alive on stage fighting with the ancient members of wild tribes.

In Tang Dynasty the audience will taste the atmosphere of de Buddhism in the dance of the 1000 hands (Donghuang). This is also the Dynasty of the rich Chinese court with the emperor and empresses, with soldiers and beautiful ladies. Costumes and acrobats will remind us of the age of the Silk Road. As well as the scene in the imperial palace and the love sick poet Li Bai, with on the backdrop visuals of calligraphy.

In Qing Dynasty we see the daily life on the street as well as the celebration of the birthday of the last empress Xie xie in the palace of the Forbidden City. We will see Peking Opera dancers, acrobats and a enlightened dragon.

The duration of the first and second part will be two times 45 minutes.

Besides the visuals we use projected text to explain the different scenes.

In the 2nd part, after the interval

We show the wild days of Shanghai in the 1920’s and 30‘s. Hardly know in the West but a period with European influences.

In those days there were big fights between gangsters, a fascinating street life and glamorous dancing halls with jazz music and sensual ladies in Shanghai dresses. We might know the roaring twenties in America and Europe, but Shanghai was even more exciting and the ‘hottest place’ in Asia. Now days in China these ‘forgotten’ period is very ‘hot’. You will see it back in the fashion, in many modern Shanghai jazz groups coming up and even in TV-commercials.

After the ‘old’ days’ we move on to the modern China, together with the exciting drum girls, using glowing sticks and water. Chinese traditional instruments with a modern flavor, played by beautiful, sexy girls will accompany the Kung Fu flowed by a modern spiritual ‘pax-de-deux’ of two outstanding dancers in a Tai Chi scene.

In China there live 56 Nationalities in peace together. We will show 3 of them. In a modernized ethnic choreography accompanied by live music played on hardly known ethnic instruments. The songs will be traditional and modern ethnic.

In the final we will show the modern Shanghai. The elements will be modern choreography’s, the latest outstanding design, costumes and make up, modern acrobatics and Kung Fu on Chinese music from the underground scene. The video background is a combination of animation and city shots.

China Impressions has won 5 Chinese awards. Outstanding production 2008 and 2009, awards from the `ministry of culture and export and press and television.

About the show

The whole show is based on the most beautify, partly unknown Chinese elements which will surprise you and give you a new image of China. China Impressions is drowning you under in the different atmospheres from the rich history and the most recent development in ‘booming’ China.